Healthy Hair Journey: Building a Regimen

Choosing Products

I’ve been on my healthy hair journey for about 1.5 years now. Through the ups & downs consistency has been the most important factor. This is where a regimen comes in!  A hair care regimen typically includes the following:

Moisturizing Shampoo (Used 1x a week)

Clarifying Shampoo (Used 1x per month or as needed)

Moisturizing Conditioner (Used as a “shampoo” in between washes)

Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (Used every time I wash my hair with shampoo)

Protein-Based Deep Conditioner (Used 1x per month or as needed)

Daily Moisturizer (Used every night )

Sealing Oil (I use thinner oils nightly; and a thicker one on my scalp the day before Wash Day)

This is just a skeleton regimen to get you started. The frequency that I use in my regimen may not be what works for your hair and your lifestyle; so feel free to tailor-make your regimen to fit you.  As far as specific products, that will be between you and your hair. You’ll know if it does like a product (shiny, soft, manageable) or if it doesn’t (shedding, dry, dull). Those same clues can also help you decide if you hair needs more moisture or protein…I’ll save that for a later date, though.  You will just have to experiment…that’s part of the journey though :-).

Are you on your healthy hair journey as well? How did you set your regimen? Let me know below & Happy Hair Journey!



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