Makeup for Glasses

Hello Lovelies,


I feel like glasses have gotten a bad rep as far as makeup is concerned. They can be quite cute along with a great makeup look, you just have to change up your technique a little.  As a fellow visually impaired person, I’m here to help.



The first thing you’ll want to focus on is your brows. Because your glasses are also framing your face, it becomes more important that your eyebrows are neat & clean. As far as eyeshadows, with glasses it’s best to keep it simple. You don’t want to have your makeup fighting through the frames, so it’s best to let another portion of your face be the focal point. I would recommend brightening neutrals. Lining your eyes is perfectly fine, just once again, keep it simple. One trick that I love to do to keep my eyes looking large and bright is to line my waterline with a highlight color. Mascara is always a yes here as well, as it will also help your eyes to wide & bright.


eye brows

For my brows I used the Cover Girl Brow & Eye Makers, and lined them using MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW 30 with the Lancome 18 brush

eye color

Naked 3 in Dust (all over lid), Limit (in the crease) and Strange (brow bone)



There really aren’t any major changes that glasses pose to your foundation/face routine. Highlighting and contouring your face with glasses can be a fun thing to play with; your glasses frames are providing some cool angles you can work with on your face.



You can allow your face/cheek color to be the focal point of your face, but I personally love using color on my lips when I’m wearing glasses. A bold red or pink color is always works well with this, especially since everything else is pretty muted.

glasses lips

Any fellow glasses-weareres have tips & tricks you want to share? Let me know in a comment below!





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