Friday Night Hair Review

Hi Lovelies,

Hope everyone’s doing great. So today we’re talking about hair; and BOY did I get some Hair! So today I’m going to tell you guys about a hair that I bought from Friday Night Company about a week ago; I haven’t had the hair long but in the course of the week it’s already survived a myriad of situations so I’ll do a mini-review of how it’s holding up as well.
So, like I said I bought this wig from Friday Night Hair in Style GLS08 Ombre. I’ve never bought hair from this company but after scouring YouTube I decided to try them out after seeing a few reviews done by phillyzjampoet (She has AWESOME wig reviews and she along with my best friend really put me on to using them as a protective style).
Cap construction

Cap construction

This is a synthetic hair wig with a length of 24 inches. As you can see this is a lace front wig with about 2, 2.5in of parting space. It has 3 combs; 2 in the front and one in the back. The hair has a natural wave pattern.
So, what do I think about the hair? Like all things there are pros and cons, but overall I really like it! I’ve never worn a loose-patterned wig before (I usually only wear curlier styles) so getting used to it was a little different. I originally bought the wig for my best friend’s wedding, so I kept all of the length for that event. The major issue I’ve had to work out was  ensuring that the tracks in the back stay covered. I’m not sure if that’s an issue of the construction of this wig specifically or if it’s the difference between fuller, curlier styles. I did end up cutting some of the length (maybe 2-3 in) and that really helped. There hasn’t been much shedding and detangling it isn’t difficult as long as you exercise good wig maintenance.
Have you guys tried this wig company or other online wig hair companies? What did you think about them. This was my first online wig buy and now I’m trying to find other companies that make good wigs or provide great hair.

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