5 Minute Face…

5 Min Face

Looks like I woke up late…again! I don’t have time to pull out every palette I own to decide what color combo will be best with my outfit; I’ve got to cut to the chase! I know I’m not alone in this scenario…so how do we beauties pare down our routine without looking bare? I’m here to help ladies…

1. 1 word: moisturize! Once you wash & tone your face make sure to moisturize your face and neck. The last thing you want is have dry skin issues on a bare day!

I'm currently using Walmart's version of CeraVe.

I’m currently using Walmart’s version of CeraVe.

2. We’re paring down your normal routine down to the bare necessities so we’re not wearing foundation today. If you have any blemishes you’d like to cover take your concealer and dab it on the blemishes and blend. From here cover it with a power and dust  the rest of your face as well. I like MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural just because it has a little bit of coverage without looking “powdery”.


3. Keep your eye makeup fresh & neat. I fill in my brows and line my top lids thinly with a black pencil. I then line my water line with a brightener pencil and layer a couple coats of mascara. This will help me look bright-eyed and ready for the day.

Keeping the eyes simple. Cover Girl brow pencil, Lancome Eye Pencil, and YSL Mascara

Keeping the eyes simple. Cover Girl brow pencil, Lancome Eye Pencil, and YSL Mascara

4. For me most days I just put on lipgloss from here & I’m out the door but you could also add a soft cream blush as well if you have the time.

We all have these days, we just have do the best we can and hopefully do better next time.

Hope this helps!




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