Catching Up

Hi Ladies,

How is everyone? I feel like I haven’t been on here since ’95! All jokes aside I want to thank those of you that are still sticking around. I’ve had a few transitions in my personal life which left me feeling a little unmotivated as far as beauty and makeup. And I’m sorry for that. When situations that you cannot control, it’s important to remember what you can control: your priorities, your values, sharing what you have to bring to the table, etc. That process is a transition of itself :-). I’ll share some more in posts to come, I just wanted to let you where I’ve been.

But I’m looking forward to sharing some fun fall things with you guys; fall is actually my FAVORITE season. Food, makeup, clothes, weather…everything, lol. Let me know what kinds of looks you want to see or what kinds of things you want me to look into!




So let’s get started!