Nail’d It: Winter Edition

Hey Girls,

So, the lovely people of Julep are kicking off their Winterize Your Nails Campaign and invited me to talk about my best tips winterize nails for the fall and winter seasons. As I read this email on the first cold day in the South, I looked down at my own nails and noticed that mine could use a little TLC. With that being said, I want to give you 3 tips to keeps your nails in check during these drier months.

1. Moisture

And to think I bought this out of desperation...good stuff!!

And to think I bought this out of desperation…good stuff!!

The drier colder air brings about dry, chapped skin. This along with drying soaps and cleansers makes for a Sahara situation on your hands. To combat this, you’ll want to invest in a heavy hand cream. I’m using Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream. I bought it in a pinch but I actually really like it. I’ve been using it morning, night, and after I wash my hands. This step is a very important step but it’s not nearly as effective without my next tip…

2. Cuticle Care

Winter Nail 2

Cuticles…one small strip of skin that can become a heap of trouble if left alone or improperly handled. This has been my pitfall and after researching, this tip has been the most helpful. If you’re like me, then you already know that cuticle mismanagement makes the best manicure look awful…Aw-ful..even on the first day.

On manicure day I’d recommend using a cuticle removal solution. I’m using Gene Cuticle Off remover from Sally’s. I placed it on my cuticle and let it sit for 1 minute and rinsed it off in warm water. From there I pushed my cuticles back. I then use my nippers for hangnails; trimming cuticles too much actually cause the skin to further thicken so keep that to a minimum. After trimming I coat them in an oil and wash my hands (I used olive oil but you can you whatever you like).

To maintain your newly grooms cuticles, be consistent with Tip #1.

Has your cuticle already split? Don’t clip this down! Instead clean the cut and place a drop of nail glue in the split. This will allow the cut to heal while your nails are still painted. The glue will not wash out and it will fall out as your skin rejoins.

3. Color

Ok…the fun part! So to paint my nails I use 4 steps. The first thing I do is cleanse my nails; I’m using Formula X for Sephora nail cleanser but just washing your hands your wiping your nails with alcohol would work as well. I put  layer of base coat, 2 coats of my fall color of choice (I’m using Bus Stop Crimson by Orly…can I get a Roll Tide? lol) and a top coat. Fall is also a great time to play with cool top coat effects like a matte top coat. I used Formula X for Sephora Effects Top Coat in Mind over Matter; I bought this last year and my only qualm is that the effect seems to wear off.

Cleanse,  Base, Color, and Top Coat

Cleanse, Base, Color, and Top Coat

Here's how mine turned out...not too bad!

Here’s how mine turned out…not too bad!

Needs some ideas on fall color choices? Julep has put together a great winter collection here! I’m adding Alma and Emille to my wish list as-I-type.

Here's a few swatches of Julep's Fall/Winter collection

Here’s a few swatches of Julep’s Fall/Winter collection



Here are my 2 faves..

Here are my 2 faves..

I hope this short and sweet list helps you in the colder months! If you need a full at-home manicure tutorial Julep has a great one below! I don’t have the exact products they list on hand but this follows my basic routine. 

If you have any good hand and nail tips share them here!

Hope this helps!!